2015, March. Tomsk. Opening of MICRAN’s new factory.

Triaxes organized a 3D show for the opening ceremony of MICRAN‘s new factory. Learn more

2014, December. Moscow. V International 3D-stereo Film Festival 2014.

Our team showed the stereo movie shot at the RAE-2013 and presented a report on 3D broadcasting. Learn more

2014, October. Moscow. Open Innovations 2014.

Triaxes demonstrated real-time conversion into the stereo video 3D format (2D+Depth) on 4K monitors.

2014, September. Amsterdam. IBC-2014.

Triaxes and Sisvel Technology showed the new 3DZ Player for PCs and mobile devices.

2014, April. Las Vegas. NAB-2014.

Triaxes showed new products for 4K 3D content preparation.

2013, September. Nizhny Tagil. Russia Arms Expo 2013.

Real-time 3D broadcasting from the proving ground on autostereoscopic 3D displays. Learn more

2013, September. IBC-2013.

Autostereoscopic 3D system demonstration on 4K displays together with Sisvel Technology.

2013, January, April. Las Vegas. CES-2013 and NAB Show 2013.

Broadcasting in the universal 3DZ Tile video format on all the types of TV-sets (2D, glasses and glasses-free 3D). Realized with the help of Triaxes and Elecard solutions at the Sisvel Technology booth.

2012, November. Vietnam. Russian Surfing Championship Live 3D Streaming in 2D and glasses-free 3D formats.

Realized by Triaxes, Elecard (Tomsk), Telebreeze (USA) and Sisvel Technology (Italy). Learn more

2012, March. Tomsk-London. First 3D videoconference.

The first 3D video conference between Tomsk (Polytechnic University) and London (Ravensbourne College).
Learn more

2012, September. Amsterdam. IBC-2012.

The first collective show with Sisvel Technology, Italy.

2012, October. Hong Kong. Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2012.

Elecard, Triaxes Vision and Sisvel Technology showed the latest glasses-free 3D TV solution, the universal 3D video format compatible with all types of TV sets. Learn more

2011, May. Moscow. Sviaz-Expocomm 2011.

CJSC “MNITI”, Triaxes and Elecard realized DVB-T broadcasting in the universal display independent 3D format for the first time in Russia.
Learn more

tertwreter2011, April. Las Vegas. NAB Show 2011.

The full cycle of AS3D video broadcasting in real time.

Alexey Polyakov tells Elvira Nabiullina about 3D TV system2010, December. Tomsk. Opening of the IT Technology Center (Engineering Building).

The Minister of Economic Development of Russia, Elvira Nabiullina, the governor of the Tomsk region, Viktor Kress, and entrepreneurs took part in the ceremony.