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Triaxes Legend is a high end solution for printing large format lenticular posters with 3D, morph, zoom, motion and flip effects. The Triaxes Legend solution prepares the image for printing directly onto the lens, which brings to a higher quality result as compared with regular 3D lenticular poster creation involving the lamination of the encoded image (interlaced views) onto the lenticular lens.

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How does it work?

The lenticular image generator by Triaxes encodes large and high resolution images for direct printing onto the lens with plotters (Mimaki, Arizona, Sun, etc.) and offset machines. Get your stunning 3D poster out of a regular 2D image, stereo pair (using Triaxes StereoTracer) or a sequence of frames (photo series).


Triaxes Legend is launched in four editions to meet different customer needs.

  • Lenticular image  encoding (3D, motion, flip, etc.) for direct printing
  • Splitting a large image into pieces for printing
  • Large size and high resolution image lenticular direct printing
  • Source image transparency support, output image transparency support
  • Mirroring
  • Positioning frame
  • Alignment chart
  • Different resolutions for X- and Y-axis (if required)
  • 64-bit versions

To find out more information about Triaxes Legend please contact us.

Here you can download a free 3D frame series sample. Multiview photo shooting by Sergey Muhin (18 frames, 15 Mb).

Print lenticular morphing image


Here you can download free morphing frame series sample, which is shown on the video above (30 frames, 50 Mb)

Print lenticular 3D image


Print lenticular 3D model sample