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Lenticular printing service

Lenticular printing

Printing of lenticular images of any size and circulation.
Maximum size of a printed sheet is 1.2 (width) x 2.0 (height) meters.
Large-format installations are made up of separate sheets.

Lenticular image printing, size 1180х1950 mm 350,00 Add to cart
Lenticular image printing, size 1180х960 mm 193,00 Add to cart
Lenticular image printing, size 460х600 mm 65,00 Add to cart

Printing morphing images for a customer in the USA
Conversion and printing for the Museum of the World Ocean. 20LPI, Size: 600x600mm, 72 frames.
Flip effect. 2 frames, 20 LPI.

Conversion from 2D. 20 LPI, Size: 1000×700 mm, 72 frames.
Examples of lenticular effects. 20 LPI
Animation of 15 drawings. 20 LPI, Size: 460×600 mm. Drawings by Diana Dudareva (Diduda_art)