Support & Training –

Support & Training

We offer the following tech support and lenticular technology training options.

Technical support

What is included:
– Assistance in software installation.
– Assistance in software activation, update and activation code recovery.
– Assistance in software transferring to a new computer.
– Assistance with samples included in the software installation package.
– Assistance with software main functions.
– Recommendations on where to find more detailed information.

Technical support is provided for all customers.

Consultations on the lenticular printing technology

– Consultations on customers’ projects (source material investigation, assistance with parameter settings, recommendations on 3D photo shooting and image rendering).
– Consideration of non-typical tasks and projects, recommendations on design and source image preparation.
– Recommendations on the choice of equipment.
– Online consultations (English, Russian)
– Quick answers via e-mail, WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, Facebook, VK.

Consultations for the customers of 3DMasterKit Pro and Legend Pro (4 hours within a year).
Additional consultations for $150 per hour.

Consultations on the lenticular printing technology (1 hour) 150,00 Add to cart

Training courses on lenticular printing

Printing on flatbed and large-format ink-jet printers with the help of Triaxes software. 3-5 days, Moscow

Course Topics:
1. Overview and examples of lenticular effects.
2. Types of lenticular materials.
3. Working with lenticular material. Pitch test.
4. Multi-view 3D photo shooting.
5. Editing a series of frames. Printing.
6. 2D-3D conversion in 3DMasterKit. Printing.
7. Morphing and Flip – working with the software, encoding, printing.

Every day the participants learn how to create and print lenticular images with the help of experienced specialists.
It is possible to work with customers’ source images.
Price: $5000. The price includes materials and equipment usage.

Training courses on lenticular printing (up to 5 days) 5.000,00 Add to cart