Morpher –


Morphing – smooth transformation of the source image into another image. The morphing effect can be seen when the viewing angle of the lenticular image is changed. Morpher software allows to generate frame series for morphing. Morpher generates a frame series by calculating transitional morphing frames using the predetermined trajectories (read more…).


The resulting frame series is exported into 3DMasterKit or Legend  software where it can be encoded for lenticular printing. The frame series can be also saved as separate files or animation (gif, avi).

Here you can download a free morphing frame series sample, which is shown on the video (30 frames, 50 Mb)

Morpher software is a convenient tool enabling to create lenticular images with attractive effects.

Functions and advantages

Frame series generation
Morpher generates frame series out of:
– one source image that is transformed into the required form;
– two different source images (1 image transforms into another one).

Support of various formats
Morpher software supports common digital image storage formats, which makes it compatible with all the popular graphic editors.
Morphing options
Morpher offers the following morphing options: fade (one image emerges from another one) and morphing itself (smooth transformation of image objects according to the predetermined trajectories).
3D with Morpher
Morpher can calculate transitional phases between 2 frames, which allows to generate a frame series simulating a multi-view 3D shooting using a stereo pair. The resulting frame series is used for lenticular encoding and 3D printing with the help of 3DMasterKit software.
Easy to learn
The installation wizard and intuitive interface help to install Morpher and start working. Using the detailed User Guide you can quickly learn the software and achieve great results.
Flexible settings
Morpher allows to control the transitional frame generation process: you can determine the transformation trajectories, number of frames and control the smoothness of morphing.
3DMasterKit integration
Frame series generated by Morpher can be easily exported (instant export option) to 3DMasterKit software for further editing and lenticular printing.