Multimedia installations

We create multimedia interactive installations using holographic technologies, software and hardware:

  • Videography and multimedia content creation ;
  • 3D (holographic) printing (large format photos);
  • Holographic displays;
  • Projection holography;
  • Development of software systems;
  • Interactive systems;
  • Information stands;
  • Video mapping.

If you have tasks or project ideas for us, contact our managers. We will help develop the concept, select and install the equipment, create video and photographic materials, and manage the working process.

Our projects​​

Interactive stand “Selfie with Kant”, Kaliningrad Cathedral

Immanuel Kant takes photos with guests of Island of Kant in Kaliningrad. The screen shows the image of the philosopher performed by actor Gennady Filippovich. Kant invites visitors to take a joint photo, then takes a picture and sends selfies to guests’  smartphones or email.

Technology: video recording, touch screen, software system.
Work: concept, script, equipment specification, sketch design, actor videography, animation, programming, installation.
Location: Kaliningrad, Island of Kant, Kaliningrad Cathedral, village. Veselovka, Kant’s house.

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Селфи с Кантом

Selfie with Kant

Hologram of underwater natural processes on the Vityaz vessel, Museum of the World Ocean

Holographic scenes of underwater life (volcanic eruption, hydrothermal zones and life in deep-sea trenches) is shown using computer graphics and a projection system in the hold of the Vityaz research vessel.

Technology: projection hologram, 3D modeling and animation.
Work: concept development, sketch design, scenario, video content creation, system setup.
Location: Museum of the World Ocean, Kaliningrad, the hold of the Vityaz research vessel.

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Голограмма подводных процессов

Hologram of underwater natural processes

Tineman’s Study and the dunes of the Curonian Spit, Nature Museum

In the Museum of Nature of the Curonian Spit, the ornithologist I. Tineman’s study was recreated using a light projection on interior items. An experienced ornithologist Leonid Sokolov performed the role of Tinneman. The video shows the complete process of registration and banding of a real bird. The work is accompanied by a story.

Technology: video mapping, animation.
Work: script, actor videography, video content creation, equipment specification, installation.
Location: Nature Museum, Curonian Spit National Park.

Проекция Кабинет Тиннемана

Projection Tinneman’s Study

3D photo at the Irbenskiy Lightship, Museum of the World Ocean

Holographic photographs of Baltic ships were made using 2D-3D photo conversion and lenticular printing technology

Technology: lenticular (microlens) printing.
Work: photo conversion to 3D, prepress, printing, delivery.
Location: Museum of the World Ocean, Kaliningrad, the hold of the Irbenskiy floating lighthouse.

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3D фото маяка Ирбенский

3D photo of Irbenskiy lighthship

A series of 3D photos of the ocean microlife, Museum of the World Ocean

Technology: lenticular (microlens) printing
Work: photo conversion to 3D, prepress, printing, delivery.
Location: Museum of the World Ocean, Kaliningrad, Vityaz hold.

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3D фото Микрожизнь океана

Ocean Microlife, 3D photo

Hologram “The Iconostasis of the Transfiguration Cathedral: from Königsberg to Kaliningrad”, Kaliningrad Cathedral

Technology: projection hologram, information kiosk.
Work: concept development, equipment specification, video content creation, information system development, equipment installation.
Location:  Kaliningrad Cathedral, Kaliningrad.

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Голограмма «Преображенский иконостас»

Iconostasis of the Transfiguration Cathedral, hologram