3D Service

We perform all kinds of conversions to 3D-glasses (left and right, top and bottom, 3D Tile) and glasses-free (2DZ, 3DZ Tile, N-View) 3D formats. The studio was established in April, 2013. However, the main team was formed as early as in 2011.

How we made some post-processing (background removal, fog adding, cleanup).
2D to 2D+Depth conversion sample for a Vietnamese advertising company.
Here is an example of the Triaxes Studio manual conversion out of a stereo pair shot at the Vung Tau Surf Championship 2012.

Our professional skills

  • Manual 2D video and image conversion into the stereo format;
    • video and static image rotoscoping;
    • depth map creation;
    • stereo pair generation;
  • Automatic or semi-automatic video and image conversion into the 2d+Z format (image+depth map);
  • Removing unwanted objects from the video (cleanup);
  • Video rotoscoping for further VFX.

Our projects

Whether you’re a prospective client or just interested in what we do, contact us. We’ll be in touch.