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3DMasterKit 11 release


Welcome 3DMasterKit 11 and Legend 11 release with the build-in AI depth map generation!

What’s new:
1. New method of creating a depth map for layers using neural networks: AI-MiDaS to speed up 2D-3D conversion;
2. New pitch test options (additional control lines in the middle and at the edges, the ability to place pitch values over the code strips);
3. Accelerated encoding of a large pitch test due to more active use of RAM;
4. Lenticular settings (resolution and pitch-LPI) are saved between sessions.

1. Saving TIFF files: resolution values and compatibility with external image editing software;
2. Pitch test error (code stripes shift) when generating a pitch test larger than 4 GB.

Download the new versions:

Download the new version
3DMasterKit 11
Legend 11
Become a member of the group “Lenticular Art, Printing & 3D Photography” to share ideas and experiences with colleagues around the world.

Watch a use case from Michael Brown on how to use AI depth map generation to create a 3D.

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StereoTracer v.10 release


Triaxes has released the anniversary version of StereoTracer v.10
What’s new:
1. Creating a depth map for 2D photos using the built-in neural network algorithm.
2. Batch conversion of 2D to 2D +Depth.
3. One more way to visualize the generated frames for a quick assessment of the 3D effect.

Download StereoTracer v.10

Creating a depth map for 2D photos

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3DLiveVUE 4.3.1 release


Triaxes has released the new version of 3DLiveVUE.

The software functionality has been enhanced. We added the rotation function for layers, export of a 3D frames series and fixed the clipboard insertion function. The interface now allows you to select units of measurement (inches or mm) and camera orientation, which helps you take better photos in the portrait orientation mode. Also, we improved the functionality of the client screen: portrait and landscape screen orientation is now supported, plus you can set a background image.

Learn more about the changes in the new version.

Download 3DLiveVUE  4.3.1.

3DLiveVUE user screen and operator screen with working project

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Triaxes new projects


Triaxes is working on the production of various Selfie Booths allowing taking photos with historical characters.

Peter the Great (actor Vasily Shvechkov), Fyodor Matveevich Apraksin (actor Sergei Borisov), Thorgils Knutsson (actor Gennady Filippovich) has been already shot for the proj.

Multimedia installations will tell about the history of Vyborg and make memorable photos for tourists.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



Dear friends, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We are glad to offer you a discount of 30% on all software products.

The discount will be applied automatically when adding products to the cart.

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