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3DMasterKit 11 release


Welcome 3DMasterKit 11 and Legend 11 release with the build-in AI depth map generation!

What’s new:
1. New method of creating a depth map for layers using neural networks: AI-MiDaS to speed up 2D-3D conversion;
2. New pitch test options (additional control lines in the middle and at the edges, the ability to place pitch values over the code strips);
3. Accelerated encoding of a large pitch test due to more active use of RAM;
4. Lenticular settings (resolution and pitch-LPI) are saved between sessions.

1. Saving TIFF files: resolution values and compatibility with external image editing software;
2. Pitch test error (code stripes shift) when generating a pitch test larger than 4 GB.

Download the new versions:

Download the new version
3DMasterKit 11 https://triaxes.com/3dmasterkit/download/
Legend 11 https://triaxes.com/legend/download/
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Watch a use case from Michael Brown on how to use AI depth map generation to create a 3D.

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