3D Live Vue 3.7 release


Triaxes 3D Live Vue software is for fast 3D lenticular printing, which enables to put the client’s photo into the virtual scene (VUE — Virtual User Environment).

This software makes the following types of photos:

  • Glasses-free 3D and flip photos for lenticular printing;
  • 3D animation GIFs (wiggle 3D);
  • Anaglyph 3D (for red-cyan glasses);
  • Stereo 3D (L&R frames) for stereoscopes;
  • Regular 2D photo – file in a virtual scene.

What’s new?

  1. Optimized project file size.
    In the new version, you can open old project files and resave them in the new project format (.3dlv).
    The file size is almost twice as small, and the opening has become faster;
  2. New features:
  • ability to add .psd, .psdd files as a new layer;
  • export/import of the .PSDD project type – this adds compatibility with 3DMasterKit;
  • saving an image or a layer depth map to a file (from the layer context menu);
  • changing the layer name (from the layer context menu);
  • ability to select image types and export files via the Save all… button (Tools–>Settings–>Save tab);
  • ability to select the user interface theme: system, or dark grey (by default).

Read more about 3D Live Vue. 

Download and test the demo without a time limit.

3D Live Vue software at a photo booth


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StereoTracer 9.6 – July 2021


What’s new?

  • Support for the .heic file format. Photos taken by some modern smartphones in the Portrait mode are stored in this format. Such files contain a 2D photo and a Depth map. You can make 3D out of them.


  • Program crashes when executing the Save Frames.

Download StereoTracer 9.6


  • Additional 50% discount for users of Looking Glass Factory holographic displays. Coupon code: LOOKING-GLASS-HOLO-DISPLAY-50
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StereoTracer 9.5 release


Triaxes team is glad to announce the release of StereoTracer v 9.5

What’s new:

  1. New export 3D image format compatible with holographic Looking Glass displays (More info in this article and this video tutorial)
  2. New export 3D image format for uploading to Facebook;
  3. New preview mode that allows you to view 2D+Depth photo as a 3D model. 
Download StereoTracer 9.5

For users of Looking Glass Factory holographic displays, an additional 50% discount on StereoTracer with a special coupon: LOOKING-GLASS-HOLO-DISPLAY-50

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Exhibition opening at the Floating Lighthouse Irbensky.


An opening of the museum exhibition took place at the bilge of the Floating Lighthouse Irbensky on April, 10 2021. 3D photographs of the following Baltic vessels became part of the exhibition: Irbensky (Russia), Dubingiai and Meridianas (Lithuania).

3D photos were made with the help of the 2D-to-3D conversion method and lenticular (holograhphic) technology by Triaxes and Stereograd companies.

Floating Lighthouse Irbensky is the last inhabited lighthouse in the World. Read more >>>

Read this article to learn more about how 3D photos of Baltic vessels were created.

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DepthGate 3.3 release


After a long pause we have resumed working on the DepthGate program for converting video to autostereoscopic (AS) 3D formats and now present the newly released 3.3 version.

What’s new:

  • Support for input video in 2D+Depth format;
  • Export formats: 32 and 45 views for Looking Glass 3D display;
  • Advanced Multiview 3D rendering settings;
  • The program comes in three editions:

    “4K” with the ability to export videos up to 4K x 4K resolution (already available for purchase);

    “8K” – with the ability to export videos up to 8K x 8K resolution;

    “Pro” – with the ability to export videos up to 12K x 12K resolution. 
  • Demo mode is not time- and frame-limited;
  • Support for Chinese language user interface;
  • 64-bit version.


  • Loss of some frames in the original video;
  • Interface errors.

Download the demo from the product page

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