StereoTracer v 9.7 release


New Features:

  • Ability to increase the resolution when calculating the depth map based on a stereo pair. For that advanced depth map generation parameters are enhanced with the Speed/Quality adjustment;
  • Quality adjustment when saving a series of frames to the MP4 video format;
  • Indication of numerical values of the generation parameters for the depth map;
  • 2D+Depth preview export to a .MP4 video file.


  • Automatic file naming when exporting images for Looking Glass Factory 3D displays is corrected to provide compatibility with HoloPlay Studio;
  • Automatic file naming when saving images from the context menu.


  • Re-rendering of frames when exporting to .MP4;
  • Program crashes when processing two identical source frames.


Download StereoTracer v 9.7

Triaxes StereoTracer product page.


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