Black Friday

Join us in Black Friday 2018! Only this weekend you can get any Triaxes software product with 25% off. And when purchasing 2 products at once, you get 35% off. Hurry up to get the 3D software you’ve always wanted!

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3DMasterKit 9.3, StereoTracer 8.2, Legend 3.3 releases

1. New 3DMasterKit 9.3, StereoTracer 8.2  and Legend 3.3 has just been released! Follow the links to learn about the new software functionality.

2. Autumn promo: 10% off on any program and 15% off on any 2 and more programs The offer is valid until October, 15 2018.

If you have any questions, please, contact us at

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StereoTracer 8.2 release

The newest StereoTracer 8.2 has been released!

What’s new:

    • New availability to export conversion results into an .MP4 file, which allows you to upload the final media to YouTube or Facebook right away!
    • Project wizard changes: the Auto align and Auto parallax buttons of the Matching of images dialog are changed to checkboxes, which allows you to estimate the state of the option more easily;

    • The auto alignment option is now more stable;
    • Project wizard changes: the Segmentation option has been added to the main (Select depth map) dialog.


  • Export to different file formats;
  • Setting a thirds-party editor.

Download StereoTracer 8.2 from the product page!

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3DMasterKit 9.2 and Legend 3.2 release

Meet the updated 3DMasterKit 9.2 and Legend 3.2! And if you are not only a 3D enthusiast, but also a true football fan, you will be glad to know that we offer a special FIFA World Cup 2018 25% discount on all Triaxes software until the end of July. Red prices are already on pice lists.

What’s new:

  • ability to save series of frames as video in the MP4 format with a specified framerate and number of playback circles (Image export dialog was updated). You can use this feature to create “Wiggle 3D” photos for Facebook, etc.;
  • JPG, TIFF file support in the CMYK color model when importing/exporting frames;
  • the lenticular can be generated to a BigTIFF (.tif) file in the CMYK mode;
  • updated 3DMasterKit 9.2 and Legend 3.2. User Guides.


  • working with a .psdd layered template and transparency (ACMYK) in the CMYK color model;
  • interface bug of the Image export dialog;
  • CMYK generation in the demo mode: program crush or file missing;
  • PSD file opening problem in the saved project;
  • problem with Alignment marks saving (frame width) in the manual mode when changing the frame for the first time and closing the dialog.

Download 3DMasterKit 9.2 and/or Legend 3.2 from the product page!

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3D Event Live VUE 3.2 release

We are glad to announce that the new version of the software for quick 3D/animated image creation has been just released.

What’s new in 3DEvent Live VUE v. 3.2:

  1. Advanced chroma key settings and depth map generation. The software allows you to chroma-key and create a depth map for the photo right at the stage of adding photos to the project;
  2. Interface changes: separate tab for each image type;
  3. New product type: 3D (stereo) cards for the stereoscope. The stereoscope is a classics of 3D that has been revived in modern VR devices. A po
    cketable fold-out stereoscope can become an interesting souvenir providing high-quality 3D;
  4. Two types of anaglyph generation and three types of lenticular flip image generation;
  5. “Save all…” button enabling to quickly create and save images of all types;
  6. Pitch test for precise pitch value (LPI) determination;
  7. Additional modes of lenticular flip image generation for effect quality enhancement;
  8. Flexible settings for all image types;
  9. On-line manual;
  10. New subscription licensing mode (pay-per-use). You can start using the software commercially for a very reasonable price.
Download the demo version for free and without any registration.
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