Download 3DLiveVue

Current Version

Version Release Date Download links
4.1.1 July, 20 2022 Download 64-bit (52 Mb)

Older Versions

Version Release Date Download links
4.0.1 June, 3 2022 Download 64-bit (52 Mb)
3.7.1 January, 5 2022 Download 64-bit (52 Mb
3.7 November 2021 Download 64-bit (52 Mb)
3.5.1 May 2021 Download 64-bit (52 Mb)

Sample projects to use in 3D Live VUE program

Virtual scene is the file with several image layers. You could replace sample photo by any other with chroma key background.

  1. Download and unzip file.
  2. Run 3DLiveVue.exe and open project file (*.3devent, *.3dlv, *.psdd).
  3. Create 3D or Flip lenticular pictures.
Sample 3D projects Sample Flip projects
Download 20 Mb
Download 24 Mb