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Exhibition of WWI military portraits in 3D

In the year of the one hundredth anniversary of the end of the World War I an exhibition of military 3D portraits took place in Tartu (Estonia). The portraits were made by Guillaume d’Hubert (France), who used 3DMasterKit for that purpose. There were demonstrated 30 60х60cm portraits, that were printed in Moscow with the financial support of Triaxes company.

This series was shown on photo festivals in Krasnodar and Kaliningrad in 2015.
After the exhibition the portraits will return to the Triaxes Lab in Baltic Federal University, Kaliningrad (Russia).

Here is what the author, Guillaume d’Hubert, says about his 3D pics: “I was inspired by the history of the WWI and decided to create a series of various military portraits using a special shooting technique. I started to cooperate with the local group of historical reenactors called “Scottish soldiers from Flanders”, who reenacted the uniform of the Scottish military troop that is buried at the Caestre Cemetery in France. Afterwards I decided to include soldiers from other countries into the project.

My goal is to revive the history and show to contemporaries how people from the past lived. The lenticular technology was used to bring more authenticity. This method is not new, indeed, but the way the scene is shown is very original: the object is shown from different angles, not at different planes. It means that each portrait consists of a number of interlaced images. It adds volume and creates the 3D effect, which makes the colors deeper and brings high detalization to the portraits”. 

Guillaume d’Hubert  was born in Montpellier (France) in 1969. He studied the sculptural arts in the Beaux-arts de Versailles. He has been photographing since he was 18. Since 2005 he has been working as a professional photograpger in the North of France. In 2010 he discovered the lenticular printing method and has had several exhibitions of his large-format lenticular pictures: «Carnival Masks» – Bailleul exhibition centre (France), «Next dimension» – Photokina tech expo in Koeln (Germany), etc. He was also a participant of the group exhibition organized by Hong Kong Art Center (China) in 2012.