Selfie with Mikhail Vrubel –

Selfie with Mikhail Vrubel

Multimedia installation, Selfie Booth

Alexey Polyakov January, 20 2023

A Selfie Booth with Mikhail Alexandrovich Vrubel was installed in the Omsk Museum of Fine Arts for the International Museum Selfie Day.

Video report of Omsk regional television “Channel 12”

Сергей Борисов в роли Михаила Врубеля

The role of Mikhail Vrubel was played by actor Sergei Borisov

Selfie Booth with Vrubel

To create the image of Mikhail Vrubel, the actor was filmed in a studio. Then the necessary design elements were added to the video using computer graphics and neural network technology.

Shooting the actor in the studio

Authors of the project:

Script writing — Omsk Museum of Fine Arts.

Role of M.A. Vrubel — Sergey Borisov, actor.

Video processing — Dmitry Beley, Triaxes.

Software — Triaxes Selfie Booth

Equipment — Universalniye Terminal Systemy, Tomsk.

Producer — Alexey Polyakov, Triaxes.