International 3D-stero Film Festival in Moscow –

International 3D-stero Film Festival in Moscow


Russian State University of Cinematography

The Fifth International 3D-stero Film Festival organized by Russian State University of Cinematography and Scientific Research Cinema and Photo Institute (“NIKFI”) took place at Russian State University of Cinematography n.a. S. Gerasimov (Moscow, Russia) on December, 11 2014 and gathered 3D fans and professionals. The International 3D-stereo Film Festival has been held annualy since 2010. In 2014 the festival celebrated its fifth anniversary.


Fractal image. Shot from the movie.
(Author: N. Trubochkina)

New 3D movies as well as 3D gimmicks and innovative solutions were demonstrated at he festival.

Participants discussed the future of 3D and spheres of its application. For example, Trubochkina N., the head of the “Multimedia Art” section of the Creative Artists’ Union and the president of the International Multimedia Alliance, told about new multimedia solutions in her report called “Innovative multimedia technologies in advertising, TV and film industry”. The report was accompanied by the images depicting fantastic 3D worlds that could be viewed without special glasses on an autostereoscopic QFHD (4K) system. The video for the report was prepared by the specialists from Triaxes.

The stereo movie based on 3D broadcasting materials shot at the Russia Arms Expo in Nizhniy Tagil became the winner of the Festival. The movie was created by the specialists from the “Revolution 3D” company with the help of Triaxes.

Yuriy Gusakov, the head of the «Revolution 3D» studio, Sergey Akimenko and Alexey Polyakov, the head of Triaxes , led a work-shop on multicamera 3D broadcasting, where they talked about technical realization of 3D broadcasting at RAE-2013.