Photo Booth “Selfie with I.Kant” at the Russia EXPO –

Photo Booth “Selfie with I.Kant” at the Russia EXPO

On November 4, on National Unity Day the International Russia EXPO at VDNH (Moscow, Russia) started its work.

Within the framework of the exhibition, all regions of Russia talk about their achievements in the industrial, social, sports and cultural spheres.

Kaliningrad region is famous for its amber, the automotive industry, space, resorts, shipbuilding, agriculture, museums, tourist places. However, our development has also found its place on the stand — our virtual Immanuel Kant has arrived in Moscow.

It is known that Kant was not a fan of traveling and practically did not leave Konigsberg, the city in which he was born. However, this did not prevent him from taking the oath of allegiance to the Russian crown.

And now, 265 years after this significant event, our well-known compatriot was able to visit the capital to participate in the exhibition and is happy to take selfies with visitors of the Kaliningrad region stand.

The appearance of Kant in Moscow became possible thanks to the software company Triaxes and the image of a virtual Kant created by actor Gennady Filippovich. The project was implemented with the active participation of employees of the Kaliningrad Cathedral.


Russia expo, Moscow

Photobooth “Selfie with I.Kant”

Also at the stand you can ride a bike and admire the beauty of the Baltic nature, drive an excavator in an amber quarry, look at the inclusions — fossilized insects and plants preserved inside 50-million-year-old amber.

The exhibition runs from November 4, 2023 to April 12, 2024. Russia EXPO web-site: