Success Stories –

Success Stories

Martin Häusler:

Doing my “regular” photoshoots over the years I had developed a very punchy style of photography – sometimes giving me the feeling that characters in my photographs are even “more than real or surreal” in a way. So i was always looking for ways to improove this feeling that one gets when looking at one of my photographs. Accidently haveing stepped on a “cheap” autostereo lenticular print one day i started looking much closer into this topic. And the idea of beeing able to use this in “high end” to a point where i could shoot in autostereo 3D and have imperssive depth added to my regular photographs did not let me down anymore…


Guillaume d’Hubert, France:

I am interested in 3D since many years but I have always thought that glasses-on 3D was not here to last, we, humans, have all the built-in equipment to watch in 3D so why bother with glasses? When I discovered lenticular pictures, I knew that it was the right way to do stunning 3D pictures, it was 2 1/2 years ago. Before that I have been doing 3D modeling as a hobby for several years that helped to understand the depth of objects.


Daniel Richards, Canada:

The good people at Triaxes have asked that I share some of my unique insights into fine art 3D development using Stereo Tracer software and so I have decided to offer something that everyone can appreciate. Its a three dimensional still life designed for either lenticular or anaglyph viewing. For the purposes of this tutorial I will assume a few things on your part. The first is that you are a digital photographer and that you have a handle on digital negative processing in some sort of software like Photoshop. The second is that you understand the concept of stereo processing in either anaglyph or lenticular and finally you have passion, lots of passion. I cannot teach you the needed background behind what I am explaining. That will be up to you to research and discover for yourself but for those of you who know this you will find this tutorial very easy to follow indeed.


Keith Field and Terri Vincent, USA:

We have been using 3DMasterkit and StereoTracer to create 3D lenticular and anaglyph prints for about a year now. The software is just fantastic! Our fine art photography has taken a whole new creative direction thanks to these two unique programs. Both programs greatly simplify the post production workflow by automating the production process from the photography shoot to final interlaced print.


Rich Oglesby, UK:

A year or two later I decided to make a lenticular animation myself as a Christmas present for a friend, and after a lot of research, the best software for me was Triaxes – it helped me design the lenticular print the way I wanted to and produce the files which could be sent to a lenticular printer.


Michael Brown, USA:

Michael Brown is an independent artist who works from his home-based studio in Antioch, Illinois, USA. Using a self-developed lenticular printmaking process, he creates kinetic, and/or 3D imagery […]


Doru Apostu, Romania:

I use your software to do 3D printing tests and it works just perfect.

Chris Dean, USA:

Your company has been one of the most consistent lenticular software developers of the last decade. 🙂 It seems like there was a little boom in the market when you first started but you are one of the few to continue to develop your products.

Adrian Campbell:

The 2 programs I use are StereoTracer and 3D Masterkit. With StereoTracer using images from stereo rigs the algorithm used to generate the multiple frames from the stereo pair gave very impressive results with very little distortion in the generated frames with little or no editing of the depth maps. Adrian Campbell (a very happy customer!).


Boris Suhorulov, Russia:

I want to boast. Please, have a look at There you will find the first picture I published. Before that I made dozens of post cards, photos and calendars. This was just testing, we made only single copies. And now we are about to get our large circulation orders. All we will have to do is to work, work and work 😀 Thank you for the excellent product, for your help and support!


Tatiana Morozova, Russia:

Currently I’m working with 3DMasterKit. It is very easy to work with the templates in your program.

Sergey Malkov, Russia:

I’ve already tried several products before and now I’ve tried yours! What can I say – that is COOL! You product seemed to me the most advanced and improved one. It’s easy to work with it. The interface is simple and user friendly. And the most important thing is a detailed user guide! It is impossible to do without it. Once again: YOUR user guide is the most UNDERSTANABLE! As well as the program that is easy to learn, which enables to get GOOD results. So, why didn’t I buy your program a year ago. The user guide seemed too complicated for me at that time. And the price was too high. Probably, your demo versions didn’t seem very attractive to me. But now, all these things made me choose your product. It doesn’t mean that I want to flatter you. Consider it to be a small marketing observation or a feedback on market products and your company’s work. Also your patience and the answers to my questions did their part. Thank you! It’s a pleasure to work with you.


Vitaliy Zagorsky, Israel:

We purchased your 3DMasterKit from Sergey Mukhin and we are really satisfied with the program as well as training. Our further cooperation turned out to be very fruitful too.

Andrey Sokolov, Russia:

I live in the countryside. You programs fascinated me very much. I’m disabled and a pensioner and you programs are my only distraction. Even now I can do a lot of things: I make photo frames myself, I also bought a stereo camera. My country people are excited by the pictures!

Dariusz Wypych, Poland:

I am a teacher of IT and photographer from Poland. I take wedding photography and advertising photography. For several years, I am fascinated by the 3D photograph. In my free time I write a blog where I put my 3D photos and texts. Also I cooperate with publishers (many of my photos has been published in pedagogical books), in which I put my work (mostly anaglyphs -many of my photos has been published in pedagogical books). In my work for many years, I use the Triaxes software (3DMasterkit PhotoA3 + and StereoTracer Pro) and I’m very pleased.


Alexey Izosimov, Russia:

Thank you for such a unique product – 3DMasterKit! My wife and I have also tested your StereoTracer and we’ve got only positive emotions. I’m not flattering you, it’s true!

Mikhail Philimonov, Russia:

I like you program (3DMasterKit) as it is very stable. Besides I have the Pro configuration, which means I can do anything!

Ron Duniam, Australia:

I am 60+ years and enjoy creating anaglyph images on my computer. I do this for the fun of it as it is one of my hobbies. … I use Triaxes 3DMasterKit software to create anaglyph 3D images from PSD files …. The depth adjustment tools and other tools are easy to use with very good results. … Your software is very good and offers other functions that are also very useful so I continue to use it for my purposes.


Gerald Moonen, New Zeland:

I have been interested into stereoscopy from a very early age. I am now 75 and enjoying the programs that are making my dreams come true. As a little boy we had the old Victorian stereo cards with viewers, that is where I got hooked. Since then I have been experimenting in all different ways to create the stereo image. Photos taken with a foot distance in between the shots, I had a Viewmaster camera, but did not find this very satisfactory due to the inferior lens quality. Arriving in the computer age I even designed a simple program with which I could shift objects in images to left or right in order to create a 3D image, however this was very limited and did not give me the perfection that I wanted. Then I came across your programs and I have fallen in love with them and use it daily. I am only a pensioner with a minimal income, but I am now saving up so that I can make lenticular 3D images. I love applying the stereo effect to the old master paintings and they really become ‘alive’. Portraits are amazing and it is exciting to have Rembrandt himself staring straight at me! I am really looking forward to the next stage of lenticular images.


Gergely Kis, Hungary:

We had been tried the legend software, and it is really nice, as the stereo tracer too.