Keith Field and Terri Vincent, USA –

Keith Field and Terri Vincent, USA

D-AnaglyphRadiant-Swallowtail-Butterfly_artVincent-Field Photography is a partnership between two fine art photographers – Keith Field and Terri Vincent. We have been photographing individually for over 30 years and have been working collaboratively since 2006.

We both share a mutual love of the natural world and specifically photographing botanical subjects close up and often presenting them in an abstract way. Our main goal is to illuminate the beauty in the world around us by presenting beautiful images of nature that will evoke feelings of serenity and inspiration.
We have been using 3DMasterkit and StereoTracer to create 3D lenticular and anaglyph prints for almost 4 years now. The software is just fantastic! Our fine art photography has taken a whole new creative direction thanks to these two unique programs. Both programs greatly simplify the post production workflow by automating the production process from the photography shoot to final interlaced print. Using Triaxes software has saved us countless hours of valuable time. The intuitive interface and creative control that the software gives the artists is unprecedented. The response that we have received from people who have viewed our work has been very positive. 3DMasterkit and StereoTracer will play an integral part in the future by enabling us to expand our creative vision into dimensional imaging.

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