Guillaume d’Hubert, France –

Guillaume d’Hubert, France

Hi, Guillaume! How did you start making 3D photographs? How long have you been doing it?


I am interested in 3D since many years but I have always thought that glasses-on 3D was not here to last, we, humans, have all the built-in equipment to watch in 3D so why bother with glasses? When I discovered lenticular pictures, I knew that it was the right way to do stunning 3D pictures, it was 2 1/2 years ago. Before that I have been doing 3D modeling as a hobby for several years that helped to understand the depth of objects.

How does the process of shooting 3D photographs differ from shooting conventional photographs?

Shooting 3D pictures with a moving camera (on a slider) implies that the subject remains perfectly still, you have to explain to the model what you want and so he can figure out what you expect in the result. I love to show the exact position I want and the model makes the traduction of it with his own “words”, the results are often amazing and surprising.
When I shoot with the multi-camera system, there is no big differences I interact with the model to make him behave the way I want and try to capture the right moment, some would say the “de isive moment”. Another thing that I love is to include the hands of the models in the picture it reinforces the effect and it tells a lot by itself, our hand can express as much as our faces. I take a lot less pictures when I shoot for 3D, it feels a bit like in the analog era, the shooting time is only a piece of the whole process to create the picture.

How did you learn about Triaxes software? Why did you opt for it?

I don’t remember exactly, I think that I saw a youtube videowhere the lenticular imaging was explained and I gave it a try. I finally chose Triaxes because of the interface, which was very versatile, user friendly and technically very, very precise. Precision is the key for lenticular pictures, every step has to be as precise as possible if you want a good result, we are talking of fractions of millimeters as a margin of error. People who forget that will never produce anything good in lenticular, it requires a discipline, mathematics never lie.

Do you think 3D photography is really popular with the audience?

At this point , I cannot reply very clearly. Most people are blinded by their experience with glasses 3D. It’s good but not perfect, kind of gadge. When they see good lenticulars most people are fascinated and they realize that this is very different of what they have experienced before and that it changes a lot of things in the way we consider pictures, things were flat, now they can be seen with the depth. I often think of the film industry in the 20’s, when speaking movies appeared, they naturally replaced non-speaking films, some people thought that it won’t work, but for the general audience the question was not a question, it will be the same for glasses free pictures. People will soon consider that a picture should naturally include the depth, just as they are in color. When all our devices will be using them people will consider that 3D is the norm.
What are the main difficulties when dealing with 3D photography?

Technical difficulties are not the bigger ones, thankful to the tools that have been created to produce really good 3D pictures, it took me two years of work but one could have done it in a shorter time.

Now the real difficulty is to spread the word around that now a good glasses free 3D pictures can be made of anything from a baby to a building, and that it is not a gadget but a real addition to what we were considering as a good picture. Step by step the message is getting louder, because we are several serious photographers around the world to include it in our offer and that is the real new thing.

Can you give advice to newbies?

Firstly, see further than what you have already seen. 3D is at a new start with new tools.
Secondly, I’ll encourage them to experiment a lot to have the best technic possible to produce beautiful and flawless images.
Thirdly, be sure that 3D pictures can only be good if they are also beautiful pictures, 3D effect is just an effect, if there is nothing else in the picture the effect is useless.

Thank you so much! And have a nice weekend.

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