Sergey Malkov, Russia –

Sergey Malkov, Russia

I’ve already tried several products before and now I’ve tried yours! What can I say – that is COOL! You product seemed to me the most advanced and improved one. It’s easy to work with it. The interface is simple and user friendly. And the most important thing is a detailed user guide! It is impossible to do without it. Once again: YOUR user guide is the most UNDERSTANABLE! As well as the program that is easy to learn, which enables to get GOOD results. So, why didn’t I buy your program a year ago. The user guide seemed too complicated for me at that time. And the price was too high. Probably, your demo versions didn’t seem very attractive to me. But now, all these things made me choose your product. It doesn’t mean that I want to flatter you. Consider it to be a small marketing observation or a feedback on market products and your company’s work. Also your patience and the answers to my questions did their part. Thank you! It’s a pleasure to work with you.