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Michael Brown, USA

Michael Brown is an independent artist who works from his home-based studio in Antioch, Illinois, USA. Using a self-developed lenticular printmaking process, he creates kinetic, and/or 3D imagery using his own original photography and cinematography as source material. (www.michaelbrown.com)

Michael is an user of Triaxes software. In his article “From Stereo Pair to Lenticular Print” he explains how to make a lenticular print out of a stereo pair with the help of Triaxes StereoTracer.

If you are interested in lenticulars, you might enjoy Michael Brown’s YouTube Channel.
He has videos showing the various steps of printing inkjet lenticulars, recordings of his studio live stream demonstrations, training materials, and visual samples of his fine art lenticulars.
In addition, Michael has uploaded a series of video conversations with others working in this fascinating field.
YouTube’s closed captioning can translate the English audio into on-screen translated text in numerous languages.