Gerald Moonen, New Zeland –

Gerald Moonen, New Zeland

I have been interested into stereoscopy from a very early age. I am now 75 and enjoying the programs that are making my dreams come true. As a little boy we had the old Victorian stereo cards with viewers, that is where I got hooked. Since then I have been experimenting in all different ways to create the stereo image. Photos taken with a foot distance in between the shots, I had a Viewmaster camera, but did not find this very satisfactory due to the inferior lens quality. Arriving in the computer age I even designed a simple program with which I could shift objects in images to left or right in order to create a 3D image, however this was very limited and did not give me the perfection that I wanted. Then I came across your programs and I have fallen in love with them and use it daily. I am only a pensioner with a minimal income, but I am now saving up so that I can make lenticular 3D images. I love applying the stereo effect to the old master paintings and they really become ‘alive’. Portraits are amazing and it is exciting to have Rembrandt himself staring straight at me! I am really looking forward to the next stage of lenticular images.