1 Preface

       1.1 Preface

1.2 System requirements

1.3 StereoTracer activation

1.4 StereoTracer demo-version limitations

1.5 Technical support

1.6 Subscription to StereoTracer program updates

2 Getting Started

2.1 Installation

2.2 Uninstallation

2.3 Running StereoTracer

2.4 StereoTracer Editions

3 StereoTracer user interface

3.1 StereoTracer workspace

3.2 Toolbar and Status bar

3.3 Images window

4 Main operations

4.1 Creation of a new project

4.2 Project actions

4.3 Generation of the multiview frames series

4.4 Saving the generated frames

4.5 Image commands

4.6 Export to 3DMasterKit

4.7 Playback and scaling

4.8 Anaglyph image creation

4.9 Creation of a stereo pair for the direct view

4.10 Use of the histogram dialog for the depth map correction

4.11 Depth map editing by means of an external graphic editor

4.12 Context menu of the Images window

5 StereoTracer using

5.1 3D sequence of frames generation from a 2D image and a depth map

5.2 Depth map creation from a stereo pair

5.3 Depth map creation from a single 2D image

5.4 Stereo pairs batch processing mode

5.5 3D Display

5.6 3D Preview

5.7 Dynamic multiview

6 Methods of manual depth map creation

6.1 Creating a depth map using conversion to grayscale and blur filter

6.2 Creating a depth map using gradient tool and color inversion

6.3 Creating a depth map by means of image conversion into monochrome

6.4 Additional examples of depth map creation