New handy software functions and new product

1. 3DMasterKit and Legend update.

What’s new:

We added a new feature for copying and pasting layers via the clipboard. Layers can be copied and added to the same project or exported to another running copy of the software (another project). One of the possible work scenarios: you export a layer with a depth map to an external graphic editor, then copy and paste the modified layer into the project.

– copy the layer along with the depth map to the clipboard (Ctrl+C)
– insert a new layer from the clipboard along with the depth map (Ctrl+V)
– replace the layer image and the depth map of the image from the clipboard (Ctrl+Shift+V)
– switch the split or merge of the layer image to 2D+Depth, as well as the default auto-split option in the Settings (Ctrl+K)


Opening .jpg files in some cases resulted in program crashes.

Download 3DMasterKit.

Download Legend.

2.  3DLiveVue update. The program allows you to quickly make lenticular photos right on the spot of the event.

What’s new:

We added a new feature for copying and pasting layers via the clipboard, which makes the work more convenient and enables exporting layers from one project to another one.

Download 3DLiveVue.

3. New software product – Triaxes Selfie Booth.

This is a system that automatically takes photos and sends them to customers.

Find more details on the product page.

3D Live VUE 4.0.1 release

3D Live VUE 4.0.1 – June 2022

What’s new:

More info >>>

Note: You can update your software for FREE within 1 year from the purchase, upgrade or the previous update: download the new version from the appropriate product page, activate with the existing activation code. After the free upgrade period, you can buy 1-year updates in your profile. The cost of a 1-year update is 25% of the software price. Contact the manager if you have any questions or difficulties when ordering an update in your profile.

Happy New Year 2022!

The New Year is a time of discovery. Let all the most daring ideas and endeavors come true! We wish you peace, prosperity, and creative success! Dream, dare, create!

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StereoTracer 9.6 – July 2021

What’s new?


Download StereoTracer 9.6


StereoTracer 9.5 release

Triaxes team is glad to announce the release of StereoTracer v 9.5

What’s new:

  1. New export 3D image format compatible with holographic Looking Glass displays (More info in this article and this video tutorial)
  2. New export 3D image format for uploading to Facebook;
  3. New preview mode that allows you to view 2D+Depth photo as a 3D model. 
Download StereoTracer 9.5

For users of Looking Glass Factory holographic displays, an additional 50% discount on StereoTracer with a special coupon: LOOKING-GLASS-HOLO-DISPLAY-50