3DMasterKit 10 and Legend 10 Release

Finally, version 10 of 3DMasterKit and Legend has been released. New installation packages are already available for download.
The release of v.10 was announced as early as September’2019 but we postponed it for half a year. The number of changes exceeded our original prognoses.
On the plus side, we made a number of enhancements and added new functionality that will be handy when working with difficult projects.

What’s new:

  • New tool – Parallax measurer or Parallaxometer – allows you to accurately measure the parallax and predict the 3D effect of the printed 3D image;
  • Extended number of processed frames for all software editions. For 3DMasterKit 10 Pro: max N=512, max LPI=600, max Resolution = 9600 PPI.
  • New ability to edit the layer’s image, as well as the depth maps in an external editor;
  • New different color schemes of the user interface. The new dark theme of the interface allows you to focus on the image and reduce fatigue;
  • Toolbar icons can be enlarged.  Now the software is compatible with high-definition displays.
  • Pitch Test dialog can be opened without adding images to the project.
  • New image export format for the Looking Glass holographic displays;
  • New example and video tutorial on 2D-to-3D image conversion.
  • Drag’n’drop or double click to open .psdd files.


  • Encoding has sped up by 25%;
  • Better encoding/saving of large-format images (more than 4 Gb);
  • Improved computational model used to apply depth maps to layers.  3D rendering results have become more predictable. That simplifies 2D-to-3D conversion.


  • A big list of bugs (more than 30) and drawbacks;
  • Reading of jpg files taken with new cameras;
  • Software crashes when opening the Pitch Test dialog.

What about prices:

We promised to keep the discount until the release of v. 10 and initially intended to cancel the discount after the release.
However, the situation in the world has changed during this time. So we decided to keep a 25% discount for two weeks.

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