– Lenticular 3D printing software, 2D -> 3D convertion

StereoTracer 10.0

Convert 2D photo to 3D

3DLiveVue 4.3.1 Release
  • More convenient working with layers
  • Preview on the client screen
  • Portrait and landscape camera


Doing my “regular” photoshoots over the years I had developed a very punchy style of photography – sometimes giving me the feeling that characters in my photographs are even “more than real or surreal” in a way. So i was always looking for ways to improove this feeling that one gets when looking at one of my photographs... (more)
Martin Hausler


Moscow. Photo Booth Selfie with I.Kant at the Russia EXPO. (more)
Kronstadt. Selfie with Bellingshausen.Triaxes prepared a multimedia installation in Kronstadt. (more)
Omsk. Selfie with Vrubel.Triaxes with partners produced a multimedia stand for the Omsk Museum. (more)
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