Triaxes 3D Live Vue 3.7 Release
3D photo on the spot in a few clicks!

3D Software

3D Video: DepthGate

Converting video to autostereoscopic (AS3D) formats.

3D Photo: 3DMasterKit

Lenticular 3D & Flip interlacing and printing. 2D-3D conversion.

UV Lenticular: Legend

Lenticular interlacing for UV printing. 2D-3D conversion.

Stereo 3D: StereoTracer

Stereo photo (S3D) to 2D+Depth. Render 2D+Depth to multiview 3D.

3D Live Vue

Fast printing lenticular 3D and Flip photos.
Doing my “regular” photoshoots over the years I had developed a very punchy style of photography – sometimes giving me the feeling that characters in my photographs are even “more than real or surreal” in a way. So i was always looking for ways to improove this feeling that one gets when looking at one of my photographs. (more...)

Martin Hausler

2021. Kaliningrad. Exhibition opening at the Irbensky Lightship. 3D photographs of Baltic vessels became part of the exhibition. More...
2020 “The Iconostasis of the Transfiguration Cathedral: from Königsberg to Kaliningrad”. Traixes created multimedia content for the exhibition. More...
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