Release Legend 3.0

New Legend ver. 3.0 – Lenticular Image Generator for Direct Print – has been just released. Hurry up to update for FREE or get the new version with a discount*!

What’s new in Legend 3.0:

  • Transparent background support for the positioning frame and frame line color switch;
  • Positioning frame can be saved to a PSB.

We also added the following new functions from 3DMasterKit 8 to Legend 3.0:

  • Automatic mode of frame number calculation allows getting a better 3D effect;
  • Picture layout: alignment marks with advanced settings, centering marks, crop marks;
  • Alignment marks generation modes: 3D, Flip, Custom;
  • Dynamic marks defining the correct lens matching;
  • Crop marks;
  • Positioning frame with the ability to generate images with the transparent background;
  • Pitch-test generation into a PSB file;
  • Play/Stop frame animation with Space-bar;
  • Ability to lock the Crop Rect aspect ratio;
  • “Move” instrument for the relative shift of the source frames;
  • Ability to choose the measurement system (metric or US customary system);
  • Use Cases and lens positioning recommendations are added to the User Guide;
  • New on-line activation system.


1. If you purchased Legend less than a year ago, you can update the software for FREE. To do that – contact our sales department at

2. You can get Legend, and any other Triaxes software with 10% off until August, 1 2017. The discounted prices (Red prices) are already on price lists. The discount increases to 20% when you purchase 2 and more programs. Just add products to the cart and your discount will be recalculated automatically.

3. If you already own any Legend version – hurry up to get a discount on a 1-year subscription with 10% off until August, 1 2017.

Download new Legend now!
Legend software is based on 3DMasterKit, however, it has a number of considerable distinctions. Legend software is intended for lencticular encoding and preparing images for printing on the lens.
Compared to 3DMasterKit Legend contains the following additional functions:

  1. Mirroring when encoding;
  2. Positioning frame generation for precise lens positioning on the printing table;
  3. Partitioning of big images with the ability to print part by part;
  4. Transparency support for the source frames: transparency can be copied to the encoded image;
  5. X and Y resolution support.

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