3DMasterKit you have never seen before

  1. We announce the upcoming release of 3DMasterKit 10 

In version 10 we are planning to introduce a number of new functions that will significantly help you deal with complex projects.  Here are the details of some of them:

  • A new tool – Parallax meter or Parallaxometer – allows you to measure the parallax (3D effect) of the printed 3D image most accurately;
  • Improved encoding/saving of large images (more than 4 Gb);
  • Editing of the layer image and its depth map in a third-party editor;
  • Adaptive software interface. Now the software is compatible with high resolution displays;
  • New option: now you can choose different color schemes for your software interface. The dark theme will  allow you to focus on the image and reduce fatigue;
  • New image export format for the Looking Glass holographic displays;
  • A large number of bugs and flaws have been fixed.

Dark theme (beta)

The release of the 10th version is planned for September 2019.

  1. We keep the summer prices until the release of the 10th software version

This is a good opportunity to purchase the software at low cost, start working and then get the free update to the 10th version as all the updates are free within 1 year after the purchase.

2 Responses to “3DMasterKit you have never seen before”

  1. alain MOULET 12.11.2019 at 9:01 am #

    we are in november and any new for new version ( lot of problem to use pics from sony camera )
    best regards

    • masha 19.12.2019 at 5:46 am #

      Hello Alain Moulet!

      We are still working on 3DMasterKit 10, as we want to make it even better! As for the Sony pics: you can work with them in 3DMasterKit, but for that you need to open such pics in any graphics editor and save as a .jpg or .tiff.
      We know about this inconvenience and are planning to fix it in 3DMasterKit 10. It will be possible to open Sony pics in 3DMasterKit 10 directly.

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