3DMasterKit 9.2 and Legend 3.2 release

Meet the updated 3DMasterKit 9.2 and Legend 3.2! And if you are not only a 3D enthusiast, but also a true football fan, you will be glad to know that we offer a special FIFA World Cup 2018 25% discount on all Triaxes software until the end of July. Red prices are already on pice lists.

What’s new:

  • ability to save series of frames as video in the MP4 format with a specified framerate and number of playback circles (Image export dialog was updated). You can use this feature to create “Wiggle 3D” photos for Facebook, etc.;
  • JPG, TIFF file support in the CMYK color model when importing/exporting frames;
  • the lenticular can be generated to a BigTIFF (.tif) file in the CMYK mode;
  • updated 3DMasterKit 9.2 and Legend 3.2. User Guides.


  • working with a .psdd layered template and transparency (ACMYK) in the CMYK color model;
  • interface bug of the Image export dialog;
  • CMYK generation in the demo mode: program crush or file missing;
  • PSD file opening problem in the saved project;
  • problem with Alignment marks saving (frame width) in the manual mode when changing the frame for the first time and closing the dialog.

Download 3DMasterKit 9.2 and/or Legend 3.2 from the product page!

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