New Triaxes DepthGate 2.2

dgNew version of Triaxes DepthGate 2.2 – software for conventional stereoscopic 3D video conversion into glasses-free 3D formats.

As a result of the long-term bug correction the software has become more stable.

The following bugs have been corrected:

  • 5-view export algorithm (if the letterbox is performed, the bottom image is encoded);
  • series of bugs leading to the export error or corrupted video files.

What’s new:

  • We added a new export mode to make resulting files smoothly compatible with the Dimenco (Philips) player for the 2D+Depth-format displays;
  • Now when exporting into multiview it’s possible to specify the start index of the file naming;
  • Chineese version. DepthGate in Chineese is distributed by our exclusive resseller – Realcel;
  • New DepthGate logo. The software got the new logo due to the sifnificant modification of the internal structure.
Read more about DepthGate capabilities in the article on autostereo 3D generation.

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