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How do I activate the software?
Activation by code:
1. Download the software or open a previously downloaded version of the software;
2. Copy the activation code from the text message you received when you purchased the software and paste it into the text field in the Help –> Activation window.
3. Click Activate.

Activation with a file:
1. Save the file with the activation code supplied with the message received when purchasing the product to a separate folder;
2. Download the software or open a previously downloaded version of the software;
3. On the Help –> Activation window, click Open and specify the path to the saved activation code (file).
4. Click Activate.[/box]

How can I upgrade the software? Do I have to pay the full price for the new program?
If you want to upgrade the software (for example, from 4K to PRO), you only need to pay the price difference. You can upgrade the program configuration in your profile.
If you purchase an additional license to work on a second computer, you pay for the second program with a 20% discount. The discount percentage increases depending on the number of licenses you purchase. Ask your manager for a discount on additional licenses.
How do I update the software?
You can update the software for FREE within 1 year from the purchase date: download the new version from the relevant product page and activate it with the existing activation code.
After the free update period, you can buy a 1-year subscription in your profile.
The cost of the 1-year update is 25% of the software price.
Contact the manager if you have any questions or difficulties when ordering an update in your profile.
Can I use your software on a Mac?
Although we do not have products available for Mac OS, our clients successfully use Windows emulators like Parallels (as well as VMware, Bootcamp, Crossover or VirtualBox) with our software.