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3DMK Features

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Max Lenticular image size 6″x6″
(15×15 cm)
(22×22 cm)
(30×30 cm)
(50×50 cm
(120×120 cm)
(3800×3800 cm)
Max Number of source Frames 64 64 64 128 256 512
Lenticular LPI 0.1-300 0.1-300 0.1-300 0.1-300 0.1-300 0.1-600
Max Resolution 720 PPI 720 PPI 720 PPI 720 PPI 1440 PPI 9600 PPI
Import from StereoTracer
MPO Format
PSB Format
Image Partitioning
CMYK Support* (see details below)


Generating DepthMaps for layers with an alpha channel
Flip (2 frames)
Morphing, Zoom, Motion
Load & Edit DepthMap for a layer
3D from loaded multiview frames set


Sample projects
Free 1-Year Updates
Technical Support
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Download 3DMasterKit Demo


What is the difference between Demo and Start?
There is the single installation package of the program.
Without the Activation code, the program works in the Demo mode. In the Demo mode, all the program features of the Professional edition are available, but logos are overlaid.
The Start edition requires an Activation code. The Activation code for the Start edition is sent free of charge via e-mail. The Start edition does not overlays logos.
3DMasterKit Start Edition has some functional limitations:
1) it does not allow to load (attach) and edit custom depth maps to layers,
2) it does not allow to add in a project more than 2 external frames,
3) maximum Lenticular image size: 6″x6″ (15×15 cm).

3DMasterKit Start Edition can be used for:
1) create “N-frame 3D set” to create lenticular 3D from the layers.
2) receive “N-frame 3D set” exported from Triaxes StereoTracer and create lenticular 3D.
3) create flip lenticulars from 2 source frames.

If the program is already activated as Start, you can temporarily switch to the Demo mode (for example, to evaluate all the features of the Professional edition) using the Help-Activation … menu command and click Demo.
How does the Demo software work?
You can download the installation pack of Triaxes 3DMasterKit to evaluate the software and make your pilot projects. The program works in the Demo mode until it is activated. All the functions of the Professional edition are available in the Demo mode. The Demo mode is not for commercial purpose and have a reminder: Triaxes logo on the resulting images.
If the program is already activated as Start, you can temporarily switch to the Demo mode (for example, to evaluate all the features of the Professional edition) using the Help-Activation … menu command and click Demo.
How long does the purchased license for the program work?
The purchased license for the program is valid for an unlimited period of time (permanent license). There is also a year of free updates provided after the purchase of the license.
How do I get a new version of the program?
You can get new versions of the program for free within a year after the purchase. Download the installation package from the website and install the new version of the program. To activate it, use the Activation Code you already have. In the future, if you wish to purchase a new version of the program, you will receive a 75% discount from the current price of the program and the updates will be free again for the next year.
How to choose the software edition?
You can see features available for every edition in the table. First of all, the program editions differ in the maximum size of the lenticular interlaced images. When choosing a edition, you can focus on the size of the printer that you plan to use for printing lenticular images. You can also contact us for consultation on this matter.
How to buy the software?
Click on the “Add to Cart” button located under the selected program edition. After that, you can continue shopping or go to the shopping cart and choose a convenient payment method. After the operation is completed, an activation code will be automatically sent to your e-mail.
What is Technical support means?
Technical support means assistance in installing and using the program’s features. For more details please follow the link Technical support and lenticular technology training
*How does CMYK image support work?
CMYK color mode support is implemented when opening PSD files and interlacing (encoding) the results directly into a file (PSD, PSB, or TIF).
When you open a CMYK image, temporary internal copies are created in RGB color mode to display the original images on the screen (displays are RGB).
The original CMYK data is used for the interlacing. The color profile of the FIRST (source) image is used for the lenticular (interlaced) image.
An interlaced lenticular image in CMYK color mode is written directly to a file and not displayed on the screen.

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