Release 3DMasterKit 9.0

Dear friends, please, welcome the new 9th version of 3DMasterKit with never-before-seen functionality!

  1. Automatic depth map generation for layers;
  2. Depth map editing in a third-party editor;
  3. Saving depth map to a file;
  4. Layer renaming;
  5. . psdd template file support, drag&drop support;
  6. Enhanced alignment marks generation function: the whole picture layout can fit the specified size;
  7. Set the page bleed when generating crop marks;
  8. Encoding for up to 400 LPI.

Read more here.


1. If you purchased 3DMasterKit less than a year ago, you can update the software for FREE. To do that – contact our sales department at

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Download 3DMasterKit 9 from the product page!


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