3D Event Live VUE 3.2 release

We are glad to announce that the new version of the software for quick 3D/animated image creation has been just released.

What’s new in 3DEvent Live VUE v. 3.2:

  1. Advanced chroma key settings and depth map generation. The software allows you to chroma-key and create a depth map for the photo right at the stage of adding photos to the project;
  2. Interface changes: separate tab for each image type;
  3. New product type: 3D (stereo) cards for the stereoscope. The stereoscope is a classics of 3D that has been revived in modern VR devices. A po
    cketable fold-out stereoscope can become an interesting souvenir providing high-quality 3D;
  4. Two types of anaglyph generation and three types of lenticular flip image generation;
  5. “Save all…” button enabling to quickly create and save images of all types;
  6. Pitch test for precise pitch value (LPI) determination;
  7. Additional modes of lenticular flip image generation for effect quality enhancement;
  8. Flexible settings for all image types;
  9. On-line manual;
  10. New subscription licensing mode (pay-per-use). You can start using the software commercially for a very reasonable price.
Download the demo version for free and without any registration.

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