Triaxes at 2013 International CES, January 8-11

Triaxes team will be happy to meet you at CES 2013!

Together with Elecard Group and  Sisvel Technology we will present our 3D video solutions and show live demo in 3D and auto-stereoscopic 3D.

Technologies to be shown:
1. DepthGate – 3D glasses into glasses-free 3D video conversion software.
2. 3DCamtus – real-time video capture software that enables to capture stereo video from a stereocam and output it to an ASD display.
3. Triaxes 3D SDK that includes:

  • Triaxes 3D Tiler – 3D glasses into 3D glasses-free conversion DS filter
  • Triaxes 3D Parser – DS filter that enables to parse display-independent 3DZ Tile format into all kinds of displays formats (2D, 3D glasses, 3D glasses-free)
  • Triaxes Synchronizer – DS filter that synchronizes L&R separate streams into a side-by-side format.

Welcome to our 3D live area (8-11 Jan. 2013, Booth: South Hall 1 – 20818, CES, Las Vegas, NV – USA).

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