Conditions of Reseller program –

Conditions of Reseller program

Reseller fee

Triaxes distributors get 25% from the 1st purchase and then 40% for all the further sales of our products.

During promotion campaigns reseller fee is calculated from the discounted price. It is possible to discuss even more profitable conditions of the Reseller program, if you are active enough.

You purchase the software from the developer (Triaxes) for further distribution.

Responsibilities of Reseller

If you agree to these conditions, contact us for signing a Reseller Agreement and getting a reseller Package including all the necessary printing material for web-site, CD or leaflet design, etc.

Please, note that this cooperation doesn’t involve any material risk from the side of Reseller, nor does it require any personal investment of Reseller and is not connected with regular payments for the work done. Reseller gets profit from each sale and can accept payment from a client and then pay for the order (less the reseller discount) in any convenient way.

Please, contact us if you have additional questions.

Recommendation for resellers on how to arrange the information on a web-site: it is recommended that you rewrite program descriptions with the help of a professional copy-writer in order to improve the visibility of your web-site for search engines as identical content on several web-sites decreases your ranking in search engines.