3D Software

3D Video
Software for glasses-free 3D video content. Depth map calculation, Multiview 3D rendering

Triaxes DepthGate is designed to convert Stereo (S3D) and 2D+Depth video into autostereoscopic (glasses-free) 3D formats. DepthGate generates video content for all types of autostereoscopic (AS3D) displays: Philips, Dimenco, Realcel, Alioscopy, Looking Glass and others.
3D Photo
Print lenticular 3D and animation images. 2D-3D conversion, rendering and interlacing

3DMasterKit is for 2D-3D conversion and interlacing lenticular images with 3D and motion effects: flip, animation, morphing and zoom.

Triaxes Legend is for large format lenticular UV printing 3D, morph, zoom, motion and flip effects.

StereoTracer program converts 2D+Depth photos and stereo pairs (S3D) into glasses-free 3D Multiview format for lenticular printing and holographic displays.

Morpher generates a series of transient morphing frames using predefined trajectories. Morpher could be used to morph a single photo, or calculate the transition effect between two images.