Triaxes DepthGate is the high end solution for converting glasses 3D video content (2-channal stereo) into glasses-free 3D formats (2D+Depth, 5-view, 8-view, 9-view). The program automatically corrects colors and aligns streams for both 3D glasses and glasses-free output formats.
Triaxes DepthGate provides you the possibility to generate video content for all types of autostereoscopic AS3D displays: Philips, Dimenco, Realcel, Alioscopy and other.
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Features and Benefits

Multiple Input Formats

DepthGate enables the user to use stereo streams stored in 3D Tile or side-by-side video and in separate files. DepthGate supports common compression standards and file formats such as WMV, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and AVC.

Easy to Learn

Triaxes DepthGate performs most operations automatically, also you could tune each settings.

Auto Adjustment

DepthGate automatically corrects colors and aligns input video.

Flexible Settings

DepthGate enables the user to customize processing settings individually for each scene.

Glasses-Free Content

DepthGate automatically calculates depth information (‘Depth map’ or ‘Z’) for both source Left and Right channels. This depth information is used to export 2D+Depth video for Philips or Dimenco AS3D displays. Also DepthGate is able to render multiview series of frames (N-view) for certain models of glasses-free 3D displays.

Output 3D-formats for glasses and glasses-free 3D TV

DepthGate generates processed video in 3D-with-glasses (3D Tile and side-by-side) and glasses-free 3D (3DZ Tile, 2DZ and N-view) formats.