Free updates of all Legend products are available during one year from the moment of Legend purchase. After this period is over, you need to purchase the subscription to be able to download updates or upgrade the program edition, which would automatically prolong your subscription for one more year.

If you wish to purchase the subscription for updates, buy a new product from the Legend package, or upgrade the program edition. To do that, please, contact our sales department:



Post address:  236016, PB 838, Kaliningrad, Russia

When submitting your request, please, specify the following:

  1. Your name;
  2. Your e-mail;
  3. Your phone number;
  4. The distributor you purchased the Legend software package from;
  5. The date of the Legend software package purchase or the previous update.

In the About dialog window there is an option enabling to save the license and software version data to a .txt file. When sending a mail request, save this file and attach it to your e-mail.

The information about new versions is published on the web-site ( and is sent to Triaxes news subscribers.