3D R&D


Triaxes develops software, hardware, formats and systems for 3D image broadcasting and demonstration as well as creates computer vision systems for robotics industry.

Triaxes sells original software and customizes its solutions. Triaxes invites R&D companies to cooperate in various projects.

Main R&D partners: Moscow Scientific-Research Television Institute (MNITI), National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU), Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics (TUSUR University), Sisvel Technology S.r.l.

Description, distinctive features and advantages

Triaxes takes an active part in projects focusing on the development of technologies, software and video broadcasting formats for glasses-free 3D TV systems. Public consciousness tends to connect 3D with the necessity to use glasses. However, there are means and devices enabling to show 3D images naturally, i.e. without glasses.

One of the main problems is to calculate the image depth map and to transmit the video with the additional data. Triaxes has solved this problem. Together with partners Triaxes developed the 2DZ and 3DZ Tile formats enabling to transmit the additional depth data of the image. The advantages of these developments are:

1) compatibility with the current TV broadcasting infrastructure;

2) compatibility with all types of TV-sets. One and the same channel can be shown on all types of displays: conventional 2D TV-sets, glasses 3D TV-sets, new glasses-free 3D TV-sets.

3) higher image quality compared to the existing methods of 3D channel broadcasting.

The advantage of Triaxes is that we offer a package proposal based on our technological products. With all its knowledge on data processing stages Triaxes customizes solutions for particular customer’s requirements.

On the base of its technological development Triaxes releases software enabling to create video and photo images in the S3D, 2D+Depth, 3DZ Tile, 3D multiview and other formats. Learn more on our software solutions.


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