3D Software

Glasses-free 3D (3D effect that can be seen without special glasses) is created with the help of image processing and special auto-stereoscopic displays or lenticular lenses.

Triaxes software:

  • convert 3D video (stereo and 2D+depth) into autostereoscopic 3D formats;
  • convert 2D photo to 3D, process N-view 3D interlace and print lenticular images.

3D Conversion & lenticular printing service

Triaxes photo and video conversion:

  • photo and video conversion from 2D into any 3D formats;
  • lenticular 3D/animation printing.

3D Shows

3D broadcasting is an effective way to make any event bright and memorable.

Triaxes services:

  • 3D broadcasting systems development, set up and maintenance at various events (competitions, exhibitions, shows);
  • Technical support of 3D broadcasting events and teleconferences;
  • Equipment rental service.

3D content is broadcasted on autostereoscopic 3D displays and also compatible with all types of 2D and 3D TV-sets.

3D R&D

Triaxes develops:

  • software and hardware;
  • 3D TV broadcasting formats;
  • 3D content display systems;
  • computer vision systems for robotics industry.

We are open for R&D, development projects and software customization.