3D Software

Glasses-free 3D (3D effect that can be seen without special glasses) is created with the help of image processing and special auto-stereoscopic displays or lenticular plastic. Triaxes software will help:
  • convert video into 3D formats;
  • prepare and print stereo/flip images.

3D Conversion

Many 3D movies and cartoons in the Russian film production are created with the help of Triaxes. Triaxes studio offers:
  • photo and video conversion from 2D into any 3D format;
  • creation of 3D presentations with computer modelling, video, graphics and interactive communication with the audience.

3D Shows

3D broadcasting is an effective way to make any event bright and memorable. Triaxes services:
  • 3D broadcasting systems development, set up and maintenance at various events (competitions, exhibitions, shows);
  • Technical support of 3D broadcasting events and teleconferences;
  • Equipment rental service.
3D content is broadcasted on autostereoscopic 3D displays and also compatible with all types of 2D and 3D TV-sets.

3D Systems

The presentation or add shown on a glasses-free 3D display will not leave anyone indifferent. Triaxes offers:
  • Autostereoscopic 3D systems (AS3D);
  • Non-contact gesture control;
  • 3D broadcasting reception.

3D R&D

Triaxes develops:
  • software and hardware;
  • 3D TV broadcasting formats;
  • 3D content display systems;
  • computer vision systems for robotics industry.
We are open for R&D, development projects and software customization.