3D systems


as3d-55-triaxes-system-expo-2You do not need special glasses to view content in the 3D format. The 3D effect seen without glasses will not leave anyone indifferent and guarantees long-lasting impressions.

Triaxes developed interactive 3D presentation systems enabling to demonstrate your ideas and products in the form of 3D graphics, videos and slide shows in the most effective way. 3D content is displayed on autostereoscopic 3D displays that do not require special glasses and can be controlled with non-contact gestures.

3D system configuration

as3d-4k-50-triaxes-systemThe system consists of an autostereoscopic AS3D display and STB. An AS3D display has a special microlens layer on the screen that creates the glasses-free 3D effect. An STB is needed to display your video content on the TV screen and control the parameters of the display. An STB can be equipped with a special sensor for interactive communication, which allows the viewer to control the presentation.


Application spheresas3d-55-triaxes-system-expo

  • Advertisement in public places (shops, airports, halls);
  • Interior design;
  • Presentation of 3D movie trailers in cinema lobbies;
  • 3D videoconferences;
  • 3D broadcasting of sports and cultural events in public places (conference halls, cafes, bars);
  • Teaching: demonstration of scientific and educational materials;
  • Presentations, exhibitions, project demonstration.
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